RT supplies the industry in the Nordic countries with production equipment and utilities.

We represent mainly from German manufacturers of advanced components, machines and systems. They are all leading and well established in their markets. Their are preferred partners to the industry asking for flexible and economic solutions in processes and automation systems due to know how and experience gathered through many years. The nearness to the Nordic countries assures a fast and extensive dialog expert to expert and a next door service and support.

As well as our suppliers are extremely competent and competitive, we which our customers will benefit in the same way using their services.




Vaccum Soldering

Budatech GmbH has launched a complete new series of vacuum soldering machines


Top splice Tape

Top Splice Tape for easy application of splice tape.



Finn Rüsander

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Stencil Cleaning System

___GMS___ manufacture effective and inexpensive single and multi chamber cleaning systems in stainless steel. Cleaning of stencils, frames and PCB.

Optical inspection systems and robotics

pi4 are experts in the fields of robotics and optical inspection systems. pi4 provide high-quality solutions to meet specific challenges that companies in various industries and industry brunches face every day. The product portfolio spans from a small transportable EL tester to a humanoid industrial robot, from single components to fully automatic in-line inspection systems.

"We use only high-quality components that we thoroughly test in our factory. We manufacture all our machines at our production site in Berlin, Germany. Without a smart control system, however, even the best machine is but a complicated piece of technology. Our software is the heart of our products and renders pi4 systems so exceptional on the market."

pi4_robotics GmbH keeps setting new standards in terms of measurement accuracy and speed, to name just some of the outstanding features of its inspection and handling systems. 

Preleg Jumper Wire System - with self adhesive wire coating

The Preleg Wire System is a patented jumper wire system for making printed circuit board design and rework changes during both prototyping and production.

Vacuum Soldering Systems

Budatech GmbH is a German manufacturer of vacuum soldering systems and is sited in Berlin.

With its new next generation vacuum soldering machines the highest demands are achieved at a remarkably low price.

Soldering Solutions

With the light soldering system LightBeam, automated Solder Iron and Laser soldering ATN GmbH is a market leader for selective soldering. The ATN develops, produces and distributes components and software for the manufacturing of electronics, in particular for the automated single point soldering.

Splice Tape and other Self Adhesive Technology

Besides the well renowned Splice Tape Solutions for SMD Steier encompasses a wide range of Die Cut Adhesive Shapes, technical labels and roll materials from the extensive international range of adhesive Tapes.

Custom designed Die Cut Shapes, meticulous choice of material and adhesive according to the application, extreme quality and short supply times is how Steier meets their costumers requirements for advanced solutions and cost savings.

SMD Assembly Systems

heeb inotec is a competent manufacturer of flexible SMD assembly systems and a pioneer in the production of compact universal SMD assembly systems.

heeb inotec customers value the experience that has gone into the development of the products and trust the high reliability, easy operation and stability.