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Vapor Phase Soldering for development and prototyping

Vapor Phase Benefits

The benefits in brief:

  • Eco-friendly process
  • Absolute uniform heating of PCBs
  • Suitable for BGAs and Stacked Packages
  • Oxygen free soldering (no need for nitrogen)
  • Uniform temperature transmission for the entire workpiece
  • No overheating of components regardless of location on PCB
  • Can be placed anywhere - small targets - low weight
  • Economical in procurement and operation

For laboratories and prototyping, a perfect SMD soldering is now possible with IMDES CONDENS-IT.
The reflow systems are very compact and suitable for most reflow soldering. They can solder PCB up to double EURO CARD sizes.
They are intended for SMD soldering of PCB or ceramic substrates up to a temperature of 240 ° C which cannot be exceeded.
The process time is 10 - 20 minutes.
The process medium is GALDEN, which is evaporated at 240 ° C.
The soldering process is simple and safe. Soldering sites are soldered perfectly regardless of size. The process even has great advantages in BGA soldering over conventional reflow soldering machines.
The soldering iron is always ready for use. It should not be preheated and no soldering profiles should be set.


Messurement: 490 x 290 x 370 mm
Weight: 5 kg
Max PCB size:  250 x 190 x 20 mm



Measurement: 605 x 385 x 450 mm
Weight: 12 kg
Max PCB size: 430 x 230 x 20 mm