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Solder Feeder - "Mosquito"

- precise solder wire feed
- wire diameters from 0.5 to 1.5 mm
- high torque by 12V DC-motor with gearing
- electronic encoder for wire feed control
- optional time or mass control
- easy integration in automated applications

The new solder feeders of the series Mosquito are modular power units.

The weight of Mosquito A25 is only 120 g. It can be integrated into both stationary and moving production systems.
Through its very small dimensions, it achieves a feeding power of 25 N and is suitable for soldering systems.

The larger version, Mosquito A50, has power of 50N. This power is made possible through a 12V DC motor featuring planetary gear.

The solder wire speed is adjustable from 2 to 32 mm per second. The solder wire feed system handles ordinary electronic grade solder wire within a rosin flux core reliably and dependably. Great precision is achieved through the use of a miniaturised Encoder, which detects feeding without slide.

Mosquito solder Feeder

Control Unit