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-    Contactless heat transfer from tool to workpiece
-    Celective reflow soldering
-    Integrated control of all soldering functions
-    Low operating costs
-    Easy maintenance
-    Integrated air cooling

Soldering with focused, infrared light is a high precision technology applicable at single points in the production, final assembly, or repair of 3D MID components.

The light source is a special halogen lamp with an integrated reflector and lens, which focus the emitted light at the soldering joint at the exact point where heat is needed.

The soldering temperature is created by the absorption of the ray at the focal point. The heat distribution is precise enough to leave the periphery of the heated area unaffected.


Infrared light with short wavelength in the range of 1µm is focussed for soldering with LightBeam.

The light source is located in the focus of a half-elliptic reflector so that all the light is focussed to the second focal point. At the surface of the soldering joint the radiation energy changes into heat by absorption.

The energy transfer can be regulated by power of the light source, by radiation time or by different focussing. Depending of the optical system, the diameter of focus is about 2-3mm.


LightBeam soldering is used for selective reflow soldering.