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Solder Paste dispenser

- Volumetric dosage in particular for solder pastes
- purifying dosages, e.g. dot Ø 0,3 mm
- Precision pressure automatic controller and pulsed control air
- simple integration in automated devices
- Adjuster with integrated z-stroke
- optionally contactless level monitoring
- optionally progress control proportioning by laser inspection

The screw dosing systems by ATN was especially developed for proportioning pasty media, e.g. solder pastes, adhesives, viscous sealants and other particle-filled materials.

With the dosing principle of the displacement valve DSV 747 the medium (e.g. solder paste) is pressed under smallest pressure from the reservoir into the material chamber of the auger. The actual dosage of the paste is realized by the motor turn of the auger.

By the combination of the principle of the screw valve with a precise control of time, pressure and dosing quantity in the Controller it is possible, accurate, to proportion repeatable quantities without damaging thereby the metal particles of the solder paste.

Control Unit

The controller DDS controls the reservoir pressure and the speed of the dosing spindle.

It was developed particularly for the employment in automatic systems.

The 24V-IO-Signale makes a direct control by an extern control unit (e.g. SPS) possible.