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SMD Splice Tape

Tape connectors

Tape connectors guarantee precise and secure joining between the outrunning and the next tape, without the need of stooping the pick & place machine.

The joining - splicing - can be carried out with use of splice tool, shims and splice tape.

Double Splice Tape makes splicing of 8 mm tape very easy and without the need of splice tool and shims.


ESD Safe


Double Splice Tape

Double Splice Tape makes splicing of 8 mm tape very easy and without the need of splice tool and shims. 

Splice Tools

For professionel splicing of your SMD tape the tools "SMD Mono Pliers" and" SMD catridge Shims Tool" are avaiable. the tools apliies the shims to the to ends of the tapes and while holding them fixed in position it is easy to aply the cover tape splice tape.

Splice Tools and shims

Splice Tools
3000100    SMD Mono Plier
3111100    SMD Cartridge Shims Tool

3000200    Shims for Mono plier       4.000 pcs
3222200    Shims for Cartridge Tool  4.000 pcs

Splice Tape

SMD Splice Tape ESD-Safe
3864900    for 8 mm Tapes 1.000 pcs
3861200    for 12 mm Tapes 1.000 pcs
3861600    for 16 mm Tapes 1.000 pcs
3862400    for 24 mm Tapes 1.000 pcs
3863300    for 44 and 56 mm Tapes 500 pcs

TOP Splice Tape ESD-Safe
3864300    4,3 x 40 mm 1.500 pcs

Double Splice Tape

SMD Double Splice Tape
3074000    22 x 40 mm500 pcs

SMD Cover Tape Extenders

The cover tape of a partly used reel can be extended with the SMD Cover Tape Extender to avoid losses of component. The adhesives used makes durable connection even during prolonged tension.


Cover tape ext

SMD Cover Tape Extenders ESD-Safe
3860500      5 x 396 mm for 8 and 12 mm tapes      500 pcs
3860900      9 x 396 mm for 16 mm tapes               500 pcs
3861800    18 x 396 mm for 24 mm tapes               250 pcs
3863400    34 x 396 mm for 44 and 56 mm tapes    200 pcs


Reel Sealers

Reel Sealers to secure and mark the ends of tape on reels. The one end part of the tape is adhesive free to establish a handle for easy removal.