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Self Adhesive Bonding

Steierform Die Cut Shapes

Custom designed solutions for double sided adhesive bonding.

New and continuously optimized production processes together with countless numbers of materials with a great variety of features enables Steier to fulfill the highest demands and special needs of the customer.

We are here to help with information and advice.

Double Sided Adhesion

Steierform 87-92404

Strong adhesive, double-sided, transparent fibre tissue disc, 0,17 mm thick. For easy handling with a grip on the upper cover.

Suited for all round bonding. High tack strenght and plasticity of the acrylic adhesive makes it ideal for problematic surfaces, such as open cell foams, wood etc.

Supplied in rolls: 15, 19, 25 and 32 mm Ø.

Double-Sided Adhesion

Steierform 87-92401

Double-sided self adhesive Die Cut Discs 0,21 mm thick, transparent with Polyester carrier. Suitable for ABS plastic components and profiles. the conforming adhesive layer also tacks to rough, porous and patterned surfaces. Can bexposed briefly to 190oC.

Supplied in rolls: 12 and 25 mm Ø.

Double-Sided Adhesion

Steierform 87-92444

Elastic discs made of strong adhesive PE foam, white, approx. 0,9 mm thick.

Suitable for damp and moisture conditions due to the closed cell structure of the foam material.

For easy handling with a 4mm wide grip on the upper cover.

Typical applications: Bonding with with damping effects.

Supplied in rolls: 15, 19, 25 and 32 mm Ø.

Double-Sided Adhesion

Steierform 87-90163

Transparent, double-sided self-adhesive PVC disc with split and folded upper cover foil, 0,11 mm thick.

Typical application: Attachment of posters and similar on/behind glas,  display manufactoring, bonding and fixing parts on a smooth surface.

Supplied in rolls: 30 mm Ø.

Steier Pads - Black & White

Steierform 87-90132

Die cut closed cell PE Foam pads, avaiable in black og white, overall thickness only 0,5 mm, good conformity, slightly padded, modified acrylic adhesive, exellent long term adhesion results and high shear resistance on difficult substrates.

Steier double sided adhesive pads have overlapping cover foils for the ease of application.

Typical aplication: Final bonding of grip decorative strips, fascias, panels, rulers, signs, emblems etc. The small overall thickness (foam and adhesive) requires very small gaps.