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Masking and Protection

Steier offer a large and comprehensive program for masking and protection

Different Die cut or roll materials are avaiable for industrial painting and powder coating
for air and oven drying

Adhesives : Rubber, silicone

Carrier: Special foil, paper, high profile crépe
low profile crépe, PVC foil, Aluminium crépe, fabric, PET foil, PET-foil/tissue, Glass Fibre Weave, Polyamide-Foil


Surface masking and protection

Steierform 87-60157

Die Cut Shapes made of grey stabilised fabric. For covering or affixing ather materials to critical surfaces.

Rubber adhesive - sticks on almost everything. Residue free removal. No harmfull ingredience.

Withstands high temperrature (180oC for 30 min)
Exellent resistance to  solvents.

Supplied in rolls 25 and 30 mm Ø or 30 x 30mm and 30 x 15 mm.

Cover Labels

Steierform 87-40132

Smooth, cream colooured special paper, tacky adhesive one side. Secure adhesion to any dry, grease and dustfree surface.

Masking of flanges during sray painting for shar clean edges. Protaection for contamination of apertures, internal thread etc during storage and handling.

Supplied in rolls 9 - 120 mm Ø.

Surface Protection

Steierform 87-40138

UV restant, lies flat, can be removed without residuals. Surface accept painting. For masking and surface protection in and outdoor.
Withstands temperature briefly up to 200oC and long term exposure to 70oC

Supplied in rolls 6, 9 and 13mm Ø.

Masking for Powder Coating

PET/Tissue Cover Labels

Steieerform 87-30131

Smooth tissue-covered polyester foil, 0,11 mm thick with silcone-rubber adhesive for high temperatures. Brief exposures to 220oC.

For powder and wet paint applications with heat curing.

Supplied in rolls 6 - 32 mm Ø.

PET/Foil Cover Labels

Steierform 87-1207

Die Cut Discs made from green transparent PET foil. 0,08 mm thick with silicone adhesive.

For powder coating and wet paint applications with a maximum oven temperature of 200oC (brief exposure). For sharp outlines on different surfaces.

Supplied in rolls 9 - 30 mm Ø.

Industrial paint and powder applications

A wide variety af different Die Cuts or roll materials are available to order after customer specifications to suit widely varying masking requirements for spray painting, stove enamelling and powder coating. Please ask for detailed information.

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