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PCB Jumper Wire


Design, rework and repair in prototyping  and production

Preleg Wire System

The Preleg Wire System is a patented jumper wire system for making printed circuit board design and rework changes during both prototyping and production.

Preleg Wire is a teflon insulated copper coated wire with a high temperature melt adhesive.

Using the Preleg Iron, jumpers are quickly installed, providing reliable and attractive engineering changes and repairs to PC boards.

Preleg Wire is availible in a variety of insulation colors and sizes ranging from 34 ga. to 22 ga. and is manufactured in 3 types of adhesive coatings to accommodate the various assembly applications.


Standard type Teflon coated single conductor hookup wire, MIL-W-16878/6 Rev E

Voltage rating: 250V

Polyamide hot melt adhesive

Exellent Bonds

Secure and uniform bonding resulting from heating of the entire wire/board joints during bonding.


Fast and simple

Using  a hot air tool to reflow the adhesive coating and form a spot bond between the wire and the PC board. Immediate bonding - No additional adhesive and accelerators.

Install before Wave Solder

Just insert stripped ends into board holes and secure the wire with spot bonds. Then wave solder.

Install after Wave Solder

Strip one end of the wire and solder this to the board. Then route and bond the wire with the hot PRELEG TIP. Then strip and solder the other end.


Precise Routing

Easy and precise routing as the adhesive becomes solid again very fast.


If neccessary, Preleg Wire can be pulled off without causing damage to the PC board.

Three types adhesive coatings

Type # 1 has the highest temperature melting point. For top side of the board before and after wave soldering . Only aqueous cleaning methods.

Type # 2 has excellent tack but the lowest melting point . Recommended for Post-wave soldering applications. Only moderate cleaning agents.

Type # 3 is a good general purpose coating. It has good tack and is chemical resistant. This wire is recommended for applications where the wire will be exposed to aggressive cleaning agents at elevated temperatures.

WIRE TYPE:  MIL-W-16878/6; UL-1371; THIN WALL.
WIRE GAUGE: 34; 32; 30; 28; 26; 24; 22 AWG.