Placement on PCB with SMD components, especially for small to medium size batches.
Very high placement accuracy at optimal flexibility and very easy programming and operating.

The new INOPLACER basic is a highly flexible, accurate and easy to operate placement machine of the latest generation.

  • Low budget entrance into the INOPLACER class
  • Start up and prototype assembly
  • High flexible Assembly System
  • Compatible to INOPLACER HPX, HP 4000, HP Advance
  • Intelligent feeder with CAN-BUS
  • INORÜST feeder set up and Charge-Management software

Basic Data

  • Assembly areal 320 x 550 mm
  • Up to 106 x 8 mm feeders
  • Component height max. 35 mm 
  • Placement rate max. 2000 cmp/h.

Basic Machine includes:

  • Vision System INOVISION
  • Machine Software INOSOFT
  • CAN-BUS System
  • Fiducial Correction and bad board recognition System
  • External Programming software
  • CAD- Conversion software WINKonv Customer Ver. 2xx

Product Information

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