pi4_workerbot – more than just a robot


It is the answer to customer-defined requirements for highly flexible production that involves a plant automation of the latest generation. Product life time is getting ever shorter, whereas the variety of products is increasing, which in turn entails a diminishing number of pieces to be produced. In addition, there are strong cyclical fluctuations in the production quantity, which make a middle-term and long-term planning extremely difficult.

Consumers expect low prices, high quality, and short lead times alongside with continuous product innovations. The use of pi4_workerbot can make a cost-efficient production in Europe possible. The robot combines a high degree of flexibility with a high precision and integrated automatic monitoring, and this way ensures a constant product quality.

The robot has a mobile platform that contains its entire control technology.

_workerbot has two arms, each with 7 degrees of movement freedom. This enables the robot to perform even complex movements very efficiently, e.g. to carry out assembling tasks with its both arms without any additional supporting device.

The integrated image processing system and force sensors allow carrying out “delicate” assembling tasks with simultaneous quality control of semi-finished and final products.


Assembling and inspection tasks

On account of its flexibility pi4_workerbot can be used for various tasks, even those that require a high degree of caution and precision.

Fields of application:

  • inspection and packing of plastics
  • assembling and inspection tasks
  • laser marking as well as working in an environment with radiation or biological contamination
  • separation of complex components


pi4_workerbot with total weight of 500 kg; highly flexible nevertheless.


Besides purchasing, it is also possible to lease pi4_workerbot on favourable conditions.


Product Information pi4_workerbot

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